The Lovely Lost

by The Lovely Lost

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released August 26, 2016

Michael Collins - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Shomphe - Lead Guitar
Jo Bewley - Vocals, Keyboards
Ross Wilson - Bass Guitar, Mandolin
Matt Lauzon - Drums



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The Lovely Lost Portland, Oregon

Rooted in ‘90s alternative and classic Rock & Roll, The Lovely Lost are not afraid to delve into their vast array of influences - touches of classic soul, ‘70s folk and country, ‘80s metal, and more.

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Track Name: Never Answer
Who can you save?
Who can you save?
If you can’t save me
I won’t let you in

I’m not too brave
I’m not too brave
If it’s not for me
I won’t let you in

But it’s fading
Just degrading

I took and took
You gave and gave
If you can’t take me
I won’t let you in
Track Name: Silent Screaming
Everyone beautiful a lover, never had never lost
A companion never came an apparition a mirage
If I speak up would they talk to me?

I keep looking for a person that I know does not exist
I’ve let people down I haven’t met and yet I still persist
Yet I’m shy of all I’ve tried to gain
Though I win the loser still remains

Why can’t I drown into it
Never found I knew it

Stitches start to fray
Pull away
Day after Day

In the end it may best to walk away to all the rest
A potential never fulfilled only sadness only jest
Stopped and stuttered all over again
At a crossroads can I break the chain

Can you smell me burning
Will our world keep turning

Pull it all apart
Can we make a start
To fill our hearts
Track Name: Canned Food
You never could believe
In your own home
The quiet box is
All you’ll ever know

Until you crave
Then you can rave
Stuck in your canned food

Break the glass
To make some noise
Don’t leave at all
That’s your choice

Until you fade
Can you be brave

Open your canned food

Stuck in your canned food
Track Name: No Home For No One
Suitcase is packed full in her hand
She’s got to leave and knows you’ll understand
Can’t believe

She’s crying till the night is done
You know she never wanted anyone
Only you

Forty dollars to her name
Things will stay just the same
Life of nothing can go on
Every time you miss her call

You wander the park alone
Did you ever really have a home
Not with she
Track Name: Every Day
Heaven sent her from above
To show me all the ways of love
But did they know that I lost everything

Hard to say the words to you,
It’s hard to do the things you do
How do you put in words what I can sing

That I’ll talk to you, walk with you every day

From a word from a glance
I wait I wait for the one chance
To change the way you look at guys like me

Hurts to see you with another man
Don’t know if that’s part of any plan
It seems so hard to change my mind

Cause I’d walk with you, I’d talk to you every day

After playing all the games
You show me we’re just not the same
There’s nothing more for you and me

Guess I’ll live to fight another day
Though I doubt I’ll ever hear you say
The words that I’ve always longed to hear

I can walk with you, I can talk to you every day
Track Name: Who I Should Be
Empty because I’m not who I said I’d be
Empty because I’m not who I want to be

And who can fill this pit?
It’s just too easy to quit

Filthy is what I need to fill my head
Filthy is what I use to get ahead

Just let me be unclean
But I just can’t be mean

But who am I supposed to be?
I need somebody to tell me please
Oh I change and try to appease
But I just don’t know who I should be

Should I be charming and sweet?
Until I feel complete?
But who am I supposed to be?

I need somebody to tell me please
I try to change but I always get beat
But I just don’t know who I should be
Track Name: Song For Somebody
Never thought it’d be this way
never thought that I would stay
But a night has changed it all
now I wait to hear your call
Now it’s you that I depend
Never want this moment

To end
A friend

But it’s all you
Time to start new
And you want to
Make the rescue

I can’t recall
Being there for curtain call
Turning away
Live to play games another day
And I thought that Things would never go my way
And you came and now I’m asking you stay

Bicker and whine
We both do it all the time
Times are tough
We could be sad we could be rough
But it’s fine too because I will not go away
I live for you and I’m in this one

To stay

Cause it’s all you
Time to start new
Cause I need you to
Make the rescue
Track Name: To All The Chickies
Sue, can you wash that pan
Dry my eyes you know I can’t
Sue, don’t call me that
Saying things you can’t take back

Full of lies, can’t deny that’s what you do

Jane, why can’t you be the same?
Never talk but I’m to blame
Jane, tell me what’s wrong
Can’t keep trying to be strong

Empty eyes, never look at me any more

Making fun of all the pain
I had everything to gain
Cause I had nothing and you had it all

Kim have you even seen the mess
Clean it up, I need to rest
Kim would you wash your hands
Beat me up with a frying pan

Burnt out eyes every time I look at

Looks dim
Track Name: Is This Real?
Every person across from me
Is the last person I want to see
A phrase a single word
Could be the last thing they ever heard

A voice is speaking; am I sleeping?
Is This real?

I look at pore through photographs
Looking for proof of times filled with laughs
A glimpse a single look
Could have been all that it ever took

A thing I’m seeing; am I dreaming?
Is this real?

Why does it tell me I’m no good
I always did the best I could

So I just carry on and die
A little every time I cry
A time, a place, that will be
Happiness is not a thing that I can see
Until I’m feeling that I’m healing
Is this real?
Track Name: Train Wreck
What can I do?
Haven’t got a clue
What can I say?
Will I want to stay?

What if you decide?
What you think is right?

Quiet and mean
Why not pick it clean?
Running away
Is there no other way?

Can’t we talk it out?
There’s no need to shout

I want another name
Let’s play a different game

Yeah I want to be someone else
I’m tired of being myself

I hide under a hood
So misunderstood

And I cloak myself in glasses
To stare at the masses
The feeling never passes
How have I made it this far?
Beauty that I see
Tidal wave floods over me
But I’m scared of the water
And I cannot swim

Can’t look you in the eye
Not because I lie

The cost has been too high
I’m hanging out to dry

Why’re you hanging around
Is there nothing around on the ground
For you and me to pick clean

I am looking around for someone who’s not found
And they do not exist so why do
You persist
I resist

What can I do?
With me and you?
What can I say?
To make you stay?
Track Name: Don't Watch Me Cry
You can feel, that it’s real
But I don’t want you to see me cry

Coming strong, is it wrong?
Cause I don’t want you to see me cry

It’s hard to look at you while tears fall from my eyes
Just want to die

When you’re gone, we’ll move on
Then you won’t have to see me
Won’t have to see me
Won’t have to see me cry
Track Name: Amends
Did not mean to make you suffer
Was a fool until the end
Now it looks as though it’s over
I just cannot comprehend

Oh now I’m trying very hard to make amends

Did I fix enough to keep you
I just want to make you care
But I swear that I’ll do better
Where’ve you gone I don’t know where

Oh don’t you think that I’ve tried to make amends

Get the pills, a razor, bottle
Now it’s time to take a bath
Track Name: It's Me
A song that’s never known
A man that’s never shown
But you have always known

It is me
It is me

A drifter on the road
Carries heavy loads
Have you never been told?

It is me
It is me

I always stay at home
I know I’ll die alone

There is me
There is me
Track Name: Generic Country Tune
I don’t understand the reason that you cry
You never ever gave a reason why
But you sighed and turned your face away I know the reason why
You just stepped out and found yourself another guy

I know that we have never had a fight
I always would just say that you were right
But why you didn’t come home for three days and four whole nights
Makes me cry so hard I fear I’ll lose my sight

It’s so hard to be faithful
It just easy to cause pain
But I know that you’ve never ever done what is right your whole life

So I’ll just move on and leave you in shame
It’s not easy for me to put away the pain
I’ll just sit here by myself and try to just remain the same
Then I can stand and just start the games again
Track Name: Nothing Changes
Can’t go on looking for
All new reasons
To leave you

Won’t have any fun
In new seasons
Without you
All alone

Can’t sit by the phone
Wondering when you
Will call me
At home

Won’t cry anymore
No sad thoughts making
Me bitter
Always home

Nothing has changed
Still remains the same
I can’t walk away
Cause nothing has changed

Can’t stop thinking about
All the times filled with
And smiles

Won’t let go of that
Feeling you give me
It’s happy
When you smile

Nothing has changed
Always remains the same
Come back another day
Cause nothing has changed

Nothing has changed
Still remains the same
I can’t walk away
Cause nothing has changed
Track Name: Can't Cry No More
Lying in my bed with a lot of thoughts just flying round my brain
Want to get up go out but the only thing that’s stopping me is pain
Turn the phone off lock the door I can’t see anything but darkened room
I grew up on a farm up north but this apartment’s gonna be my tomb

I never could believe the words
I wanted desperately to learn
I had a lot of time to burn
I finally took a walk around
I thought about your sound
And I cried until my eyes could cry no more

Every day I see the people wonder who will be the next for me
But then I try and realize that nothing especially love is sold for free
Stay up late and lock my gates I don’t forget the doors and windows too
But through it all I feel so small cause the only thing I wanted was you

I never could believe the words
I wanted desperately to learn
I had a lot of time to burn
I finally took a walk around
Put my knees down on the ground
And I cried until my eyes could cry no more
Track Name: Who's That Man
I can’t sleep at all
Wait to hear your call
Tell me it’s okay

In the way you look
When everything you took
Wasn’t only mine

All the things you do
Come right back to you

Weeks and weeks I stall
Waiting for the fall
But it never comes

And then I see you out
We talk and then we shout
Who’s that man with you

All the lies you speak
Turn the other cheek
Track Name: Help, Please, Anybody
Once there was a boy
Who was made uncomfortable
He tried and failed to be incomparable
But what the hell did they know about him

And darkness came
It felt completely insurmountable
But never was he held accountable
But what else could he have learned about him

Can someone help please anybody

What could he do
To make it with you
Nobody knew
That it wasn’t true

Everybody said that he had worked a miracle
That we’d accomplished the impossible
But what the hell did they know about it

So they tried again and it was just unforgiveable
The deeds and words were so regrettable
But why did we even bother to try it

God we need help please anybody

What has he done
He’s not having fun
He never knew
The right things to do

What could he do
To make it with you
Nobody knew
That it wasn’t true
Track Name: Panic Attack
I feel it coming in punishing waves
Like the anticipation of danger it craves

Tingle, tickle pins and needles
Creeps up my toes all the way to my face

Oh why can’t I die?
Fuck you tell me why

Heart is pounding like thousand drums
Will I have a chance to stop it if it comes

Caging, raging, raving, breaking
Break it all where has this come from

Screaming no one hears
Can’t hold back the tears

Get away from me
I'm so mad I can’t fucking see
Oh why can’t I die?
Just fucking tell me why
Tearing me apart
Don’t you fucking start
Just don’t touch me
Don’t you look at me
Track Name: Thought You Knew
7th of October
Never been so sober
Finally it ends
Thought they could be friends

Flying with a bag or two
Not coming back we thought you knew

It’s time to start a life anew

It’s time to take her cue
We thought you knew
It’s time to face the truth
We thought you knew

7th of September
One truth but one pretender
Cannot tell a lie
It’s hard to say goodbye

Writing down a song or two
What point is there what can it do?

Is this what you thought you could do?

It’s time to see it through
We thought you knew
It’s past time that you grew
We thought you knew

But what to do?